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The Importance of RAD Smart Socket Calibration

If you purchased a RAD smart socket in the last few years, this is a good time to make sure its calibration is up to date.

Most experts in the torque tool field would recommend having smart socket calibration performed annually, but this time frame can depend on customer usage and their quality processes.

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Using A325 vs A490 Bolts

Valued for their durability, A325 bolts are the most common types of bolts used in bridge and heavy construction projects.

In this blog post, we’re going to look at structural joint specifications relating to these bolts, as set by the Research Council on Structural Connections.

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The Importance of Torque Transducer Calibration

Torque transducers are testing and verification instruments that check the accuracy of torque wrenches.

Manufacturers, construction crews and service companies use transducers to perform spot checks on their torque wrenches. These checks, coupled with yearly torque wrench calibration, can give customers assurance that torque equipment meets expectations.

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The Wind Tech’s Guide to Bolted Joints

Nearly every part of a wind turbine is fastened together with bolted joints. And these bolts are, in a sense, under constant threat from vibration, fatigue, bolt relaxation and corrosion.

This is an issue we’ve discussed before on this blog, but one that’s important enough to revisit. Here are some ways to protect the countless wind tech bolted joints that keep a turbine running.

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