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Proper Torque of Rail Car Tank Lid Bolts

The National Transportation Safety Board has stepped up its enforcement of the rules governing proper torque of rail car tank lid bolts.

And railroad operators have finally begun to realize the importance of bolt torque after neglecting this issue for decades.

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Renewable Energy Trends

In early October of this year, President Donald Trump’s EPA administrator announced the rollback of the Obama administration’s clean power rules, thus ending “the war on coal.”

Yet that does not mean coal is the future of American energy. A look at current renewable energy trends tells a different story.

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What costs more, preventing a bolting flange leak or repairing it?

If you saw the title of this article and answered, “Repairing it” then you’re correct! But, do you know why that is the case?

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Pipeline Construction in the United States

Pipeline growth is booming in the world. Proper calibrated equipment is more crusial than ever.

Energy companies are rushing to finish construction on several pipelines to access shale gas in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

When finished, these projects will give producers new access to domestic and international markets, and make those three states the suppliers of one third of the natural gas in the United States.

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