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The Engineer’s Top 10 Skills Checklist

“I am still learning.”

That’s a quote widely – and mistakenly – attributed to the great artist Michelangelo, apparently written when he was 87 years old.

But wherever the statement comes from, the sentiment is a wise one. We should never stop learning. That’s as true for artists as it is for engineers.

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Torque Tools Training: It All Comes Down to Operator Training

“Operator error” is often cited in root cause analyses during the investigations that occur in the wake of a significant industrial accident.

And when it comes to determining why that operator error happened in the first place, lack of proper operator training is the most common culprit.

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Hooke’s Law – The Heart of Torque Wrench Operation

At the heart of every torque wrench operation you’ll find a 341-year-old principle of physics known as “Hooke’s law.”

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Proper Torque of Rail Car Tank Lid Bolts

The National Transportation Safety Board has stepped up its enforcement of the rules governing proper torque of rail car tank lid bolts.

And railroad operators have finally begun to realize the importance of bolt torque after neglecting this issue for decades.

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