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Storing a Torque Wrench: Short-Term and Long-Term

Torque wrenches are tough, durable tools, and like any tool, they’ll treat you well if you treat them with proper care.

Part of that care includes proper storage. In this blog post, we’ll look at the basics of short-term and long-term torque wrench storage.

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Industrial Bolting Safety, it’s all about process and procedure

Industrial safety is an industry in itself today.Avoiding accidents and mitigating lost work time is of the utmost importance for anyone in the industrial workplace.Industrial bolting, is a high risk, focal point of safety managers, and the following is a brief process that should be considered when bolting is part of a job:

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5 Torque Tool Calibration Challenges & Solutions

True or false: With proper use, torque tools will remain accurate. If you guessed false, that's right. Even with appropriate storage and use – or no use at all – every torque tool requires routine calibration for accuracy and repeatability, including manual tools. Without torque calibration, bolt tightening inaccuracies from improperly set tools can have catastrophic consequences for your assembly results and your bottom line.

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Product Spotlight & Update:  ERAD electric torque wrenches:


The ERAD series of torque tools for years has been considered the go-to product for use in wind turbine construction and maintenance. The wind industry has relied on ERAD torque tools for over 15 years as the most reliable and accurate torque tool on the market. Manufactures such as Vestas, GE, and Siemens have all heavily relied on ERAD torque tools for the building their wind turbines.

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