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Seattle Tower Crane Collapse: Questions About Disassembly Procedures

On Saturday, April 27, a tower crane working on a new Google headquarters in Seattle collapsed, falling several stories onto the street below.

The collapse killed four people: Travis Corbet and Andrew Yoder, both ironworkers on the crane, and Sarah Wong and Alan Justad, both inside cars onto which the crane had fallen.

And while the cause of the tower crane collapse is still under investigation by the Washington Department of Labor and Industries, experts have told the Seattle Times that the early removal of bolts from the crane was a likely cause of the collapse.

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10 Best Practices for Manual Torque Wrench Use

Safety precautions and proper maintenance are a must when using any tools, and torque wrenches are no exception.

Here are 10 torque wrench best practices to help ensure you use your tools safely and effectively.

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Should Commercial Truck Tire Repair Shops Use Calibrated Torque Wrenches?

“So much is riding on your tires.”

That’s a slogan Micheline unveiled more than 30 years ago, and still uses today.

It was an ad geared at car owners, but the sentiment is true to anyone who drives: So much depends on having good tires.

If you’re a commercial truck owner, the right tires ensure your products get to where they’re going on time. And if you’re a commercial truck tire repair shop, you need to know that vehicles are leaving your facility prepared for the road, keeping truckers – and the drivers they share the road with – safe.

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Structural Bolt Tightening: Torque or Tension, which is Correct?

A325 and A490 are high-yield structural bolts used mostly in applications for bridges and steel-framed buildings.

These bolts have specific load/tension requirements per their ASTM specifications. But what about torque?

That’s a question we get quite often here are Maxpro: What is the torque required for the bolts?

This always leads to a discussion with the customer on the difference between required bolt load (tension) and torque (applied force).

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