Differences in High-Capacity Torque Wrenches

As hinted by the name, a torque wrench helps apply rotating force on a fastener like a bolt or a nut to loosen or fasten it. There are three high-capacity types of this kind of wrench. These are hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric wrenches. Their main difference lies in their powering forces, which provide unique advantages to each type while also having certain limitations to their operation. Here is an overview of the main differences between these three. 

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Industrial Applications that Require Accurate Torque

A torque wrench is a tool used to ensure optimal tightness of bolts and screws. It has special internal mechanisms that aid in setting specifications for a specific application. Thus ensuring there is enough tension and loading of all parts. It is key to ensuring quality work.  

Two types of torque wrenches are ideal, depending on their application. It is used in various fields to ensure machinery and equipment safety, quality, and smooth running. 

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Most Accurate Torque Wrench: Why Use Digital torque wrenches (DTWs)

When fixing a broken arm, we want to tighten the bolt as tight as possible without having a backlash. Torque measure how much force is applied to a fastener and how far you can turn it. 

Torque wrenches have a range of uses, from tightening small bolts on bicycles or cars to large bolts on industrial equipment or aircraft. They can be handheld or handheld-cordless and comes in two forms: digital and analog.

The correct torque wrench is essential when working on your car or other vehicles. The right tool will make your job easier and save you money on repairs and maintenance. If you use the wrong one, it can cause damage to your car or make it harder to work, costing you time and money.

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RAD Torque Systems: What do they have to offer?

Exact torque specifications are critical in many industries. A wrong adjustment can cause a major part failure. This could require a costly repair and a deadline being missed. A torque wrench with the proper size drive and handle can make a significant difference in reaching these exact torque measurements. Rad Torque Systems manufactures a wide variety of torque wrenches for every industry. These tools are considered to be the industry standard for high quality and safety. Here are several of the many high-quality torque wrenches that are being used around the world for industries such as automotive, mining, power systems, aerospace, and wind generation:

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