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How To Choose The Right Heavy Duty Torque Tool

Torque Equipment CalibrationAny heavy industrial application that involves turning threaded fasteners – that is, nuts and bolts – comes with two questions.

1. Can the tool fasten tightly enough to prevent parts from moving and achieve the proper seal, without going beyond the fastener’s elasticity level?

2. Can the tool remove the fasteners successfully after long periods of exposure to severe environmental conditions?

At the same time, choosing the right torque tool can depend heavily on the type of torque power it delivers. Some jobs require more power than others, but in all cases, you should opt for a tool that provides you with smooth, controlled torque. A loss of control can lead to stripped threads, broken bolt heads or even personal injury.

One solution is to choose a range of torque control products, including manual and powered torque wrenches and torque multipliers. These tools provide continuous torque, making it easier and safer when assembling or servicing threaded fasteners, while reducing tool costs and application problems.

The continuous rotation offered by torque multipliers provides an advantage when it comes to heavy-duty fastening applications. Hydraulic tools use a ram that extends and retracts, ratcheting the head. This process can be tedious, requiring the operator to activate and stand by the pump with a hand-held controller.

But continuous rotation tools such as torque multipliers remove the need for hammering and ratcheting in exchange for smooth, consistent gear manipulation.

MaxPro carries four different Norwolf Tools torque multipliers. Read on to learn more about their features.

The Z-Series

A thin, sleekly-designed tool that we consider the world’s first true torque multiplier.

  • Torque multiplication of 3:1 to 6:1
  • An accurate tool that operates using levers instead of gears
  • A safe tool, with no overload pins to break
  • Uses ratchet or non-ratchet wrenches
  • Optional reaction arm permits its operator to react on same plane
  • Input force and reaction force are the same direction, for maximum operator convenience


This torque converter permits a very accurate transmission of torque from point A to point B without any gears, and with the ability to turn continuously.

  • Multiplier ratios from 3:1 up to 6:1
  • Totally enclosed aircraft aluminum housing
  • Hex reducing bushings for maximum versatility
  • Available in two styles: standard and hub
  • Constant rotation
  • Special reaction arms available

Missing Link

A torque converter that permits a very accurate transmission of torque from point A to point B without any gears.

  • Torque multiplier ratios of 4:1 to 6:1
  • Totally enclosed aircraft aluminum housing
  • Hex reducing bushings for maximum versatility
  • Thin radius for fitting in tight areas


Handles any bolt, any time and in any place via hydraulic pump or standard torque wrenches.

  • Multi-purpose, works with impact guns, torque wrenches or any hydraulic pump
  • Can use standard hand wrenches for 360 degree reaction capabilities
  • Built-in multiplier 2:1 ratio, hydraulic accuracy +/- 5 %
  • Split casing design permits reaction off body.

If you want to learn more about MaxPro’s torque multipliers or other industrial bolting equipment, or if you’re ready to choose a heavy duty torque wrench, you can contact us or request a quote.

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