The RAD Torque Gun: Why RAD is the industry leader.

RAD Torque Gun

The RAD torque wrench, or “RAD Gun” as it is commonly referred to, has been on the market for over 25 years. RAD has set the standard for the pistol grip, gear box torque tool industry.

Other competitors have tried to duplicate RAD’s patented gear box design, but they have consistently come up short.

  • All RAD gearboxes utilize a center alignment pin. This allows the stage assemblies in the gearbox to remain in line, even when the tools are not used at a 90-degree angle. This alignment pin dramatically increases the life the tool.
  • Each RAD gear has a bearing in it. This results in a faster tool, with less friction build up on the gearbox. Bearings also lead to a lighter weight tool that can produce a higher torque output.
  • All gearbox parts are manufactured at RAD Torque in Canada, they are not outsourced. RAD employs over 100 machinists making gearbox parts every day. The result of this is complete quality control over the manufacturing and assembly process of the tool. Most competitors outsource 100 % of their tool manufacturing and assembly, and are purely marketing companies, not manufacturing companies.
  • RAD provides innovative, leading technologies. RAD was the first to:
    • Manufacture a pistol grip 5,000-foot pound pneumatic torque wrench.
    • Manufacture a battery gearbox style tool: B-RAD Series
    • Manufacture a high torque capacity servo electric gearbox style tool: E-RAD Series
    • Calibrate all of its gearbox torque wrenches to ISO 17025 Standards.
    • Develop a transducer socket accurate to +/- 1%: Smart Socket Series


RAD torque is committed to innovating products and remaining the marketing leader. Maxpro has been a master dealer for RAD torque for 15 years and is an authorized sales, repair and calibration center for all RAD torque products. For more information, visit Maxpro at:

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