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Types of Torque Wrenches Used in Aviation

Air travel is the safest form of transportation today, and one of the main reasons can be attributed to the expertise of aircraft mechanics and engineers as well as the reliability of the tools that enable them to work safely and efficiently. Planes are made up of thousands of parts held together with tens of thousands of bolts or fasteners. Because aircrafts must withstand varying degrees of altitude, speed, and temperature on a daily basis, each bolt must be tightened with a very precise amount of torque.

High-precision manual torque wrenches are capable of exerting a very precise, preset amount of torque to a fastener, so they are an important tool in an aircraft mechanic's inventory. Because accuracy is so important when it comes to aircraft maintenance, it is crucial that these wrenches are calibrated on a regular basis. In this post, we’ll review two common high-precision manual torque tools for aircraft mechanics and the importance of maintaining them with an accredited calibration institute.

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Proper Torque Wrench Calibration: What Every Foreman Needs to Know

Proper Torque Wrench calibration should be done by a company having the proper accreditation.

Proper 17025 calibration should be a mandatory maintenance item for any job foreman who manages industrial torque wrenches.

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RAD Smart Socket Product Overview

RAD Smart SocketWhen you’re working with torque tools, few things matter more than having accurate tools. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about the Smart Socket, an ideal tool for on-site calibration.

What is a Smart Socket?  A Smart Socket is a patented torque transducer made by RAD torque systems that measures true torque applied to the bolt. 

The accuracy on the RAD Smart Socket is +/- .5 percent of reading and can be used with any non-impacting tool, such as a pneumatic, electric, hydraulic or manual torque wrench.  Each smart socket is size specific and goes directly over the nut or bolt head.  The torque output is read directly on the screen of the smart socket or can be “blue-toothed” to an accepting device such as a phone or tablet.  Data can also be recorded and downloaded into an excel file. 

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Does Your Torque Tool Calibration Certificate Pass Inspection?

Torque Tool CalibrationAn inspector asks to see the calibration certificate for your torque wrench. Do you say “Of course,” and hand it over?

It’s the job of construction inspectors to make sure work is done to the correct standards and with properly maintained equipment. Getting caught without a proper calibration certificate can lead to re-work, delays and even fines. Or do you go into a cold sweat, as you realize your certificate is out of date?

Because of this, you’d think most companies would go out of their way to make sure their torque tool calibration was up to date.

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