The Power of Safety: Ensuring Worker and Environmental Well-being with Torque Wrenches

In industries where precision and reliability are paramount, such as oil and gas, mining, aerospace, wind power, and manufacturing, the role of torque wrenches in ensuring both worker safety and environmental integrity cannot be understated. Maxpro, a trusted supplier and advocate of top-quality torque wrenches, partners with RAD Torque Systems to provide cutting-edge solutions that prioritize safety across industries. In this blog, we delve into how torque wrenches contribute to a safer work environment and how they mitigate potential risks for both workers and the surroundings they operate in. 

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Preventing Torque Wrench Accidents with Industrial Bolting Safety

iStock_89262763_SMALL.jpgSafety and proper maintenance and care are important when using any tool, especially with powerful precision tools such as torque wrenches.

Here are a few tips on how to prevent torque wrench accidents and make sure your torque tools function properly:

  1. Always wear safety goggles/safety glasses when using a torque wrench or any other hand tool.

  2. Inspect the wrench, and look for cracked/worn sockets. Take time to properly lubricate and replace parts that are worn.

  3. Make sure you heed the manufacturer’s instructions on torque direction, torque tighten/release cycles, torque pattern and sequence, proper force, and use of lubrication on fasteners.

  4. Never use handle extensions or other accessories unless the wrench manufacturer explicitly allows such modifications.

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Safer Tools Reduce Worker Risk

Torque Wrench CalibrationWhen you buy a new tool, you want to know that it’s effective, but also that it’s safe.

Fortunately, torque tools are like a lot of consumer products: they’re designed with user safety in mind. Here are some things to consider when you’re looking for your next tool.

1. With Reduced Tool Operation Time Comes Less Chance For An Accident

It’s a pretty obvious equation: the less time it takes to complete a task, the less time there is for something to go wrong. When you choose a tool that reduces the time it takes to finish a job properly, you’ve lowered the probability you’ll have an accident.

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Safety Tips for Industrial Bolting

industrial bolting toolsIndustrial bolting tools can be found working on power plants, building bridges and installing pipelines.

And as with any tools, you need to exercise caution while using them. Here are a few safety tips to follow when using industrial bolting tools.

1. Start by making sure your work area is safe.

A safe work area is one that’s clean and well-lit. If you have a lot of clutter, or can’t see properly, you’ve opened the door to an accident.

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