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[CASE STUDY] Power Generation and Turbine Maintenance

For this case study, we’re heading to Florida, where our client – a combined cycle power plant – needed hydraulic torque wrenches.

They also needed the wrenches right away, and Maxpro could deliver.

“We turned it around in hours,” said company president Tom Macey. “That’s the beauty of UPS and FedEx. We ship a lot of stuff overnight.”

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Preventative Maintenance is the Key to Accurate Calibration

Preventative MaintenanceWe exercise and eat well in hopes that we won’t have health problems later in life. We change the oil and rotate our tires on our cars to avoid mechanical problems down the road.

It’s like what Benjamin Franklin said: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

This philosophy extends to torque tools. You’ll keep your tools in good working order by setting up a regular maintenance and calibration program.

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