[CASE STUDY] Manufacturing Maintenance and On-Site Calibration

Maxpro has clients from a wide range of industries, from pipeline crews to wind turbine makers to mining operations. Among those clients are manufacturers who work with the U.S. military.

One of them, a firm in northern New Jersey, is a subcontractor for armored personal vehicles. This manufacturer needed to have its torque wrenches calibrated according to ISO 17025 certifications. And as we’ve pointed out in the past, it’s often impractical for companies to ship their tools to our plant for calibration, either due to cost, downtime, or both. Fortunately, our mobile calibration team could head to New Jersey to get the job done.

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[VIDEO] How to Calibrate RAD Torque Transducers

Today we’re going to continue our video blog post series with a guide to calibrating RAD torque transducers. These transducers have become an important asset in calibration laboratories worldwide because of their high accuracy and repeatability.

Maxpro carries a range of products from RAD, including RAD Transducers.

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7 Basic Quality Engineer Tools for Process Improvement

quality controlWe’ve seen them referred to as “The Old Seven” or “The First Seven.”

They’re the seven basic quality engineer tools for process improvement. In this blog entry, we’ll explore how each one of these tools works.

1. The Cause And Effect Diagram

This is also called the “Ishikawa Diagram” (after the Japanese organizational theorist Kaoru Ishikawa) or the “fishbone diagram” (because of how it appears on the page).

And as the name we’ve used suggests, it’s used to determine what has caused a problem.

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