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What is a RAD gun?

An Army mechanic, a wind turbine worker and a construction foreman sit down to talk about their jobs. Even though they work in different fields, they discover they all have something in common: the need for accurate, durable torque tools. It’s for this reason that so many professionals in these critical industries choose torque tools from the Canadian company RAD, makers of the RAD gun.

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RAD Transducer Verification Tools: The Answer for Accuracy

TV_Cover.jpgSpend enough time in the bolting industry, and you’ll notice an on-going problem: Differences in torque output caused by incorrect air supply and tool operation.

The RAD “TV” or Transducer Verification tools are an economical answer for torque applications that require accurate “real time” torque readings.  Fortunately, the RAD company has found a solution to this problem with its TV-RAD series of tools.

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New Pneumatic Bolt Tightening Kit from RAD Torque

Pneumatic Bolt Tightening KitRegular readers of this blog know that we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the benefits of the various tools made by RAD Torque Systems.

Today we’ll continue that trend by looking at one of RAD’s latest offerings, the 15DX-NX Tool Kit.

Lightweight and ergonomic, this pneumatic torque wrench combines several application-specific reaction arms and a nose extension into a single kit.

“The NX-GX Kit was designed with flexibility in mind,” RAD says on its website. “Complete with 3 different reaction arms and a nose extension for hard-to-reach areas, the NX-GX Kit is a go anywhere tool capable of a variety of applications.”

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What Makes RAD Torque Systems Unique?

RAD Torque SystemsIn industries such as mining and aerospace, there’s little room for error. At best, a mistake can shut down production and cost the company money. At worst, a mistake can cost someone their livelihood or even their life.

Every RAD air torque wrench receives individual calibration, and is ISO 17025 accredited in order to ensure joint integrity. These tools are significantly more accurate than impact wrenches, and are often more exact than manual “click-type” torque wrenches, which in many cases are over-pulled by their operators.That’s why it’s important to have safe, accurate torque tools when working in these environments, and a commitment to accuracy and safety is what makes RAD torque systems unique.

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