What Is a Torque Multiplier and How Does It Work?

A torque multiplier is a tool that provides a mechanical advantage when loosening or tightening nuts and bolts. They're used to increase the amount of applied torque, allowing workers to rapidly assemble or disassemble heavy machinery, vessels, and structures.

Torque multipliers are the epitome of "work smarter, not harder." They provide upgraded safety, greater precision, and higher levels of efficiency and productivity. Under normal circumstances, tightening and loosening heavy-duty fasteners is exhausting work.

A torque multiplier is an invaluable addition to your toolkit. It provides the extra power you need to turn bolts, nuts, and screws with ease. A small push can generate a high torque making it a better, safer alternative to extended handles or "cheater bars", which can result in a safety hazard if the tool were to fail while in use.

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What is a Torque Multiplier?

iStock_000072061489_Small.jpgA torque multiplier gives its users a mechanical advantage when loosening and tightening nuts, bolts and other items meant to be motivated through torque. Among its benefits are upgraded safety, greater precision and better efficiency and productivity.

But in order to completely appreciate this tool, it’s crucial to comprehend how it works, and what gives it an edge over other instruments that provide torque.

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How To Choose The Right Heavy Duty Torque Tool

Torque Equipment CalibrationAny heavy industrial application that involves turning threaded fasteners – that is, nuts and bolts – comes with two questions.

1. Can the tool fasten tightly enough to prevent parts from moving and achieve the proper seal, without going beyond the fastener’s elasticity level?

2. Can the tool remove the fasteners successfully after long periods of exposure to severe environmental conditions?

At the same time, choosing the right torque tool can depend heavily on the type of torque power it delivers. Some jobs require more power than others, but in all cases, you should opt for a tool that provides you with smooth, controlled torque. A loss of control can lead to stripped threads, broken bolt heads or even personal injury.

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